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Mi Air Purifier 2 Review: Best Air Purifier For Delhi Pollution
MI Air Purifier 2 Review : The Best Air Purifier For Delhi Pollution

MI Air Purifier 2 Review : The Best Air Purifier For Delhi Pollution

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is a smart product with smart features that make using it to clean the air simply effortless. It comes with a 360 degree 3 layer filter, real-time monitoring and timer schedules via the Mi Home app and 4 different modes including auto and manual. We can assure you that it is best xiaomi air purifier in india. For your convenience, we have written mi air purifier 2 review.

Fight Air Pollution – Mi Air Purifier 2 Review

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An air purifier for home is a equipment which removes all contaminants from the air in a room. It is basically used for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. They are helpful in reducing or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke.Moreover, It removes all harmful substances from the air and gives you pure air. Mi has innovated its Mi air purifier India with various features for making your life as much easier as it can. Additionally, it may also be used in industry to remove impurities such as CO2 from the air before processing. You can check Mi air purifier price by clicking the button below and grab discounts. Read below our mi air purifier 2 review.

mi air purifier 2 review


Mi air purifier 2 review Of Design

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is not like any other Air purifier India on the market. This is incredibly sleek, svelte and simply decent looking. Here is mi air purifier 2 review of the design.

The Purifier absorbs polluted air from all four sides and releases treated breathable air from the top. The MI purifier has an Auto mode as well as a manual mode. But most of the users will like Auto mode.

If we start Comparing, the Mi Air Purifier 2 is simply incomparable. Design-wise, it is perfect.

It is almost 40% lighter and thinner than Its first generation, which in itself was much smaller than most other Air Purifiers. We can say that the Mi Air Purifier 2 will make a great addition to your house decor.

How does Functions?

Triple-xiaomi air purifier 2 filter protection


  • The Mi Air Purifier 2 uses a 360 degree, 3 layer filter in order to eliminate various pollutants from the air so that it could be breathable.
  •  Its triple-layer design used to remove particles larger than 0.3 microns with a high-density EPA filter, while an activated carbon filter eliminates formaldehyde, bad odor, and other harmful substances.
  • Mi Air Purifier 2 eliminates PM2.5 particles, dust, indoor plant pollen, pet fur and more very quickly.
  • The filter’s life is around 6 months depending on usage.  You can Change the filter very easily.
  • The device will automatically inform you about the filter replacement.It also keeps eyes on running clock of how many days the current filter will last.

Really quiet

What we actually think is how quiet the Mi Air Purifier 2 is?…When we Compare with other air Purifier but this device is quiet, really very quiet.

 Xiaomi claims that the Mi Air Purifier 2 will produce a noise level below 30db in Night mode.

 You can hear the device running, but it is not so loud enough to be a distracted, and much quieter than most Air Purifier for home out there.

Pairing with your smartphone!

In our mi air purifier 2 review, we will tell you how you can pair it with smartphone. By Using the Mi Home app, it connects to your smartphone and allows you to do neat stuff like monitor your pollution level in real time and set time schedules.

It will all happens through Wi-Fi and works on both Android and iPhone.

It is quite simple to connect. There is a button on the back of the xiaomi air purifier.You just have to hold it for a few seconds, wait for the light to start you can open the application on your device and pair it with Wi-Fi.It’s done.


Mi Air Purifier 2 will take just 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21m2 room. The real-time PM level can be monitored through the same application which we have explained above.

Price and availability

Mi Air Purifier 2 is available on, Flipkart as well as Amazon at an air purifier price Between 9,000-10,000. I have provided the link You can buy it online by comparing the air purifier price.

New filters cost Rs 2,499 and will also be available via

Mi Air Purifier 2 Features 

  • Real-time AQI monitoring
  • EPA triple-layer filter
  • CADR: 310m3/h
  • Coverage Area: 400 sq.ft
  • <30dB noise level
  • Filter change notifications
  • Power: 1.5 to 21 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 100 to 220 Volts

mi purifier 3


Day by day, the air pollution is becoming a major in India. There are two solutions first one is to prevent it at a global scale by regulating the factors which cause the pollution and second is to make use of the air purifiers to clean the air that we’re breathing, at least inside our house and car.Xiaomi, which is now the best selling mobile manufacturer in India has launched air purifier and other home appliances into the Indian market recently. And, one I like the most is Mi Air Purifier 2. So, Hope so this article will be helpful for you. Because of these tremendous features, it has become best air purifier in India. This was xiaomi air purifier review.

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