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Top 5 Best TheraPure Air Purifier Reviews USA 2018
Top 5 Best TheraPure Air Purifier Reviews USA

Top 5 Best TheraPure Air Purifier Reviews USA

Are you searching for the best TheraPure air purifier reviews?. Therapure Air purifier includes models for a wide variety of needs. Each model of Therapure is a triple-action powerhouse of air purification, using HEPA Type, UV Light, and Photo Catalyst technologies to deliver maximum protection.

It will help you ensure the air your family breathes is free of allergens, pollutants, irritants, germs, and toxins. The ionic air purifier for smoke are engineered for maximum effectiveness and because of this, we outpace the competition

They are tough on germs but it is in your budget. Its attractive designs will make them a welcome addition to any room.

Read best Therapure air purifier reviews and check the Therapure Air purifier price by clicking the button below. You can buy best air purifier in USA at the cheapest price. 

#1Crompton Therapure 45-Watt Air Purifier (Black)

Therapure air purifier reviewsDESCRIPTION

  1. Crompton Therapure air purifier is Patented HEMI-Spheric HEPA-type filtration that is most efficient at removing allergens and pollutants from the air. In our Therapure air purifier reviews, this product comes first.
  2. Also, It has Air Quality Sensor with Auto Mode. As well, It has Photo Catalyst filter that removes Toxic Fumes and other VOCs.This is best hepa air purifier according to us. 
  3. The Crompton Air Purifier for smoke has 24 hour time with digital control Cleanable HEPA Filter that removes PM 2.5 particles, pollutants, dust, smoke, allergen, and Germs. This can be vacuum cleaned hence reducing the cost of replacing the filter.
  4. Hemispheric Filter will perform 20% more filtering than standard Flat Filters.
  5. It has activated Carbon Pre Filter that removes toxic fumes, Gases, and Odou Ionizer: Ions boost the purification process by holding onto suspended Particulate matter like mould spores, pollen, pet dander etc
  6. The Crompton Air Purifier is recommended for medium and large sized rooms. This is best air purifier for allergies. 


  • Built-in night mode
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 216 m3/hr
  • UV and VOC functions with separate on/off switch
  • LED display with dimmer function
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Energy efficient


  • It doesn’t have an ozonizer

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#2 Envion Therapure TPP50 Mini Plug in Air Purifier White 

Envion Therapure TPP50 Mini Plug in Air Purifier White by Envion


  1. The thera pure mini air purifier eliminates harmful airborne viruses and destroys germs using uv light.
  2. Also, The ionic air purifier has an internal fan that rapidly circulates to purify air quickly.
  3. The Envion Therapure comes with a built-in cordless plug and the mini purifier hugs the wall for a close fit
  4. The TheraPure Air Purifier has a slim design which is easy to clean.


  1. Internal fan rapidly 
  2. Built-in cordless plug 
  3. Slim design
  4. Easy to clean


  • It has no speed function.

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#3 Envion Therapure TPP230 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier

Envion Therapure TPP230 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier by EnvionDESCRIPTION

  1. The Envion Therapure TPP230  has Patented hemi-spheric hepa type filter that removes allergens, dust mites, pollen, cigarette smoke, mold spores, odors, pet hair, and dander.
  2. The air purifier removes harmful toxic fumes with Cadr 130 smoke – 130 dust – 140 pollen.
  3. The UV germicidal light will kill each and every airborne bacteria and germ.
  4. The Envion Therapure TPP230 has high-quality HEPA type filters and additional filtration mechanisms capable of eliminating almost any form of gases or smoke. This air purifier comes thid in Therapure air purifier reviews.
  5. Moreover, the air purifier is built to provide an adequate cleaning service but minimal noise level.


  • Patented HEMI-spheric HEPA type filter 
  • UV germicidal light kills airborne bacteria and germs
  • Removes harmful toxic fumes
  • CADR 130 smoke – 130 dust – 140 pollen
  • UV/VOC on/off button


  • Filters neeed regular replacement.

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#4 Envion Tpp50Blk Therapure Mini Air Purifier 1-Speed Black & Silver

Envion Tpp50Blk Therapure Mini Air Purifier 1-Speed Black & Silver


  1. The Envion Therapure Tpp50Blk Therapure Mini Air Purifier is designed For Smaller Spaces. This is quite energy efficient.
  2. Also, It Uses Uv Light Technology to Destroy Germs. AS well as it effectively captures harmful particles and allergens.
  3. The air purifier neutralizes unpleasant odors. While This air purifier is perfect For Bathrooms Closets Offices And More.
  4. Furthermore, The air cleaner machine type is Ionic Maximum Room Size Square Footage that is 5 Sq Ft.Filter Types.
  5. It has stainless steel collection Blades Speeds. The ionic air purifier will provide your room a decent look. 
  6. The air purifier comes with Filter status indicator and plasma wave technology.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy star compliant
  • Filter status indicator
  • UL listed and Certified
  • PlasmaWave technology


  • Turbo mode is loud.

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#5  Envion Therapure TPP220-M Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier Black

Black : Envion Therapure TPP220-M Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier Black


  1. The Therapure TPP220M ionic air purifier will effectively make your home a more healthy environment. It has a permanent HEPA-type filter removes airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns.
  2. Also, It Eliminates airborne germs, bacteria, cold & flu and other harmful viruses
  3. The ionic air purifier will reduce harmful chemicals in the air that cause toxic fumes
  4. The Therapure had 3 fan-speed settings so that you can select the desired level of cleaning.
  5. Furthermore, It has UV light germicidal technology that removes allergens, pollution, smoke and odors. The UV light removes airborne germs and bacteria, captures harmful particles and is easy to clean


  • Permanent HEPA-type filter 
  • Easy to clean – NO filters to replace
  • 3 fan-speed settings


  • After running long its filter efficiency will decrease.

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Why you have to buy Therapure?

Therapure Air purifiers is another brand which is produced by Envion. It is award-winning designs that help to reduce particulate contamination in the home.  Its goal is to make sure your indoor air quality is as safe as possible while also being odor free. The TheraPure air purifier to be considered efficient, it should be able to address the following concerns:-dust,
dirt, pet, dander, mold, mildew, dust, mites, pollen allergens, smoke, bad odor. Read Therapure air purifier reviews to make a smarter choice. 

  • The Therapure air purifier has the power to remove all unwanted air particles from the air.
  • It has a unit that can only clean the air of a select few airborne contaminants might not be a satisfying purchase.
  • The air purifier has the ability to remove both small and larger air particles. In this way, you not only address your primary concern, but also eliminate other elements that can possibly wreak havoc inside your home.

Why You Need A HEPA Filter

  1. The Therapure Air purifier ha crucial feature which is a HEPA filter. The Air purifier has high-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filter that has the ability to remove up to 99.97% of unwanted contaminants from indoor air.
  2. The air purifiers trap pollen, dust, dirt, and allergens that reduce overall indoor air quality. This is the main instrument within an air purifier that does all the purifying.
  3. There were a lot of manufacturers that use HEPA filter technology.
  4. Also, It can remove up to 99.97% percent of airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns and larger.
  5. Hepa Filters that may be more expensive, but it will far exceed your expectations as it can guarantee excellent air quality during operation.

Carbon Filters Make A Great Feature Too

  1. Activated carbon eliminates impurities from the air that cause unpleasant odors.
  2. Furthermore, Its Activated carbon stimulates the adsorption, a unique process wherein organic compounds from the air react and stick to the activated carbon filter upon contact.
  3. The air purifier comes that is equipped with carbon filters as it can remove all unnatural, unpleasant odors, thus further increasing overall indoor air quality.


You can choose any air purifier from the above list according to your preference. For your convenience, I have given links to Amazon for each product. You should Save yourself from this pollution, take the Therapure air purifier for home. You can compare price and buy it as you like. Finally, you can Check out the best Therapure air purifier price now and holmes air purifier reviews. Pick any of above listed best Therapure air purifier in USA at an affordable price. Hope, Therapure air purifier reviews helped you in making a better choice.

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